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The Future of Marketing – 18th May 2021

From multicultural marketing to augmented reality and artificial intelligence, the Creative Marketing Council and Just.Marketing Magazine are hosting a free, online The Future of Marketing conference to help marketers in every sector navigate the complexities facing marketers today and tomorrow.

Speakers will offer unique insights into how they have managed some of the most challenging marketing issues of the day.

Venue: Online

Price: Free to attend

Date: Tuesday, 18th May, 2021

Time: 13:55-18:00

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Speakers will offer unique insights into how they have managed some of the most challenging marketing issues of the day.


The Future of Marketing with James McCarthy, CMO, Exonar

The importance of multicultural marketing in modern Britain with Saad Al-Saraf, Founder and CEO, Mediareach

Over the last few decades, the UK has undergone a drastic cultural shift which has seen an increase in the number of ethnic minorities living in the UK. However, far too many brands are still not talking to these communities or taking them into account when planning campaigns – this is where multicultural marketing comes in. Saad Al-Saraf, CEO at Mediareach, will explain what multicultural marketing is, why it is so important in 2021, and his experience working in the industry and how it has evolved over time.

PANEL: How your businesses marketing efforts can benefit from AR and AI with considerations for implementing

Moderator: Tom Allen, Founder, The AI Journal

  • Amelie Winkler, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Social Bakers
  • Joe Williams, Head of Immersive, LadBible Group
  • Kieran Gilmurray, Global Automation Consultant, Non-Exec Advisor, and LinkedIn Live Host

Digital & SEO with Thea Chippendale, Digital PR Executive, Rise at Seven

16:15 BREAK

PANEL: Power to the people: Discussing user-generated content

Moderator: Ayẹni Adékúnlé, Founder and CEO, BlackHouse Media

  • Daniel Andrews, CEO, The Tree
  • Obabiyi Fagade , Global Marketing Communications Manager, Heineken
  • Marisa Thomas, Head of Marketing, EVERPRESS
  • Gbolahan Sanni, Marketing Director, The Coca-Cola Company

Lessons from a lockdown launch with Pamela Brown, CMO, Smart Tech, Vodafone Smart Tech

2020 presented huge challenges for marketers all over the world, with many forced to adapt their plans and rethink their strategies, all whilst juggling remote working. So when Vodafone Smart Tech was faced with the prospect of launching a new offering and product suite in the middle of the pandemic, it could have been easy to put plans on hold in the face of uncertainty. In this session, Pamela Brown, Chief Marketing Officer, Vodafone Smart Tech will talk about how a relentless focus on the customer enabled the brand to successfully bring a new product range to market against the odds. Exploring the critical role customer behaviour insights, a commitment to meaningful communication and a strategy centred around creating relevance in people’s lives, Pamela will unpack her key learnings, both from launching a new offering in lockdown, and from doing so in an new, emerging market.

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